Features of Gitlab-Mattermost

Continuing the discussion from Please provide a Demo Instance:

Now that I tried the demo instance, I’d like to ask what features does the Gitlab-Mattermost integration really give me?

I see the (Oauth?) shared login. The demo instance seems to be standalone, not having a Gitlab project associated with it.

Would the channels somehow be related to Gitlab projects?

Would the permissions/membership of Gitlab projects show up somehow in the Mattermost channels?

On Github there is Gitter, which “puts a chat room into every Github project”. Can I expect a similar in-project integration? Or would the integration only be the sharing of users? Are the Mattermost channel discussions be rather unrelated to Gitlab projects?

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Hi @freshfish,

You can find the GitLab Mattermost Roadmap here, and I’ve added a link to the top of the GitLab Mattermost test instance.

There’s an epic to connect GitLab projects and GitLab Mattermost channels and GitLab Flavored Markdown for sync’ing the two after a connection is made, and the epic will be broken out into individual tickets.

Mattermost v1.0 and v1.1 are laying out the API infrastructure for those features.