Information about

Right now has blank documentation (I mean ToS / privacy / help /support). So I’d like to know what’s the idea behind it. Is it intended to last? Is there an easy way to migrate the data out of it?

Hi @akhmerov,

As discussed on this forum, is intended to be a test server for pre-released versions of Mattermost.

While we’ve thought about providing a hosting server some day, right now it’s a test server and team creation is only enabled during monthly test periods, when pre-released versions are loaded.

There’s a wide range of install guides to self-host Mattermost available for you to set up something similar on your own servers, and providers like Rose Host who are offering manage Mattermost instances.

Thanks for reporting broken links, they’re fixed now.

Hi @it33,

Thanks for the explanation. It doesn’t look like the links are fixed. I mean the links at the bottom of the page here: They do all lead somewhere, but all four lead to a copy of (which doesn’t contain any ToS or privacy).

I guess my problem with the installation is that I really miss something intermediate between the test docker container and the 3-server production deployment (I’ve a team of under 20 people and no dedicated server). The unofficial docker image lazyfrosch/mattermost seems to go in that way, but it seems very obsolete. Any pointers would be very appreciated.

Hi @akhmerov,

We had one person fix the links and unfortunately shortly after another engineer updated the site to v1.2.1, which broke the links again.

Have you considered the pre-installed Amazon AMI on

It’s v1.1 right now, and we’re planning on upgrading it to v1.2.1.

In the end we decided to go with gitlab-mattermost, since it’s provided as one in all package, and we have access to a powerful local workstation.

Perfect, yeah, the GitLab omnibus is a great way to setup Mattermost as well.