Mattermost v1.1: Open source Slack-compatible integrations

Opening a thread for comments, questions, ideas and feedback on new blog post:

Having trouble getting this to work with the gitlab slack plugin for gitlab 8.1.0. Anyone know any tips or tricks to get it working?

My team is currently testing out Mattermost, so I just set up the docker container last week (v1.0). I’d like to upgrade to test out 1.1 (integrations are one of the major features we’re looking for), so I’m curious if there’s an easy way to backup/restore the database in the docker container around upgrading? Continuity is not a super high priority since we’re early in the evaluation phase, but not having to recreate everyone’s accounts would be nice…


Hi @vortechs2000, here’s instructions on how to set up the GitLab Integrations Service for Mattermost: You can see the output from this integration on a GitLab Mattermost test server running v1.1.1

Yeah, I’ve seen that. But my understanding based on the blog post was that Mattermost 1.1 supported the Slack API in its webhooks. Since Gitlab has Slack service support, shouldn’t I just be able to plug in my Mattermost URLs and have it work?

Hi @vortechs2000, I just tried out GitLab’s Slack integration and it looks like they are using attachments in their messages which are not currently supported by Mattermost (as can be seen here). It’s on our roadmap to support attachments, but it’s a bit of work since we handle this differently than Slack does.

In the meantime, I’m going to update our code to just throw away the attachment and still display the text message so that it will at least partially work

Ok - gotcha - thanks for the update!

I am trying to use the mattermost-integration-gitlab project now, but it doesn’t seem to want to push data. This is with gitlab 8.1.2 - I’m getting the following from the integration server: - - [29/Oct/2015 21:46:47] “POST / HTTP/1.1” 405 -

so I think I must have something misconfigured. I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

Ahhh - got it figured out - my webhook on the gitlab side needed to point to the mattermost integration service with the /new_event uri, not /

Is there a way to upgrade from v1 to v1.1?

Hi @mdurham,

Here are general steps to upgrade a Mattermost instance from v1.0 forward.

I just upgraded successfully to v1.1 and I suggest to add a link to these general steps to future release notes. The steps are pretty easy to figure out but if there is a documentation it should be linked :wink:

Zapier is kind of a break because on-premise hosting is our main reason to use mattermost. As we are also using JIRA on-premise Zapier is not an option. But your template should be easy to adapt.

When using the slack integration with Gitlab it keeps saying (in the mattermost system console): No text specified

I assumed it should just work but it doesn’t. Am I wrong?

If you’re just worried about backup/restore, and not upgrade, then you can start your container with a volume, and then refer to that volume later when starting another container.

This creates a data-only mattermost container, adding a Volume to the container, while removing the other container args:

docker run --name mattermost-data -v /mattermost-data mattermost/platform:latest

Now, when you run a mattermost container, you should instead run it like so:

docker run --name mattermost-dev -d --publish 8065:80 --volumes-from mattermost-data mattermost/platform:latest

Each time you run a new container using the --volumes-from=mattermost-data, you will use, and save to that data only container.

Thanks @H3Chief. I ended up migrating to a production-style install, so it’s no longer an issue for me, but your tips are still very helpful.

@YuukanOO, try with v1.2-RC1 or wait until v1.2 releases next Monday and the Slack UI should work, there was a bug in v1.1 on the specific scenario you’re describing.

@jbick, if you decide to open source your Jira integration, please let us know, we’d love to share your work with the community via

Thanks, works like a charm now :wink: