Open source Slack-alternative reaches 1.0: Self-host ready, Slack-compatible

Opening a thread for comments, questions, ideas and feedback on new blog post:

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It’s safe now to assume that the API will not suffer big changes and that we can start documenting it?

Hi @pbruna,

We’re working on documentation for the v1 APIs following the release. Want to make sure we’re clear on usage. Please give us a day or two?

Installed today using the Production Mode guide, so far no problems and all my team in.
Some experienced some minor issues and also had some problem restoring GitLab login (here I think that I configured it but had to restart Mattermost to make it available, as the link was there but return errors). Also a problem with the email, the link in one was not working and after some restart it allow people to join, after fixing also GitLab login. I hope I can make some test even if now it’s getting used more constantly.

Anyway, thanks for your great work! The progress so far has been amazing, still pushing to make it the communication tool here.

Thanks @cifvts!

Appreciate the feedback. We’ve started some documentation on upgrading to v1.0 from a pre-released version, please let us know if you have any suggestions on edits of additions?

Thanks for getting an early start and sharing back issues.