Mattermost v0.7.0 (Beta1) now available

Release v0.7.0 (Beta1)

Released 2015-09-05

Release Highlights

Improved GitLab Mattermost support

Following the release of Mattermost v0.6.0 Alpha, GitLab 7.14 offered an automated install of Mattermost with GitLab Single-Sign-On (co-branded as “GitLab Mattermost”) in its omnibus installer.

New features, improvements, and bug fixes recommended by the GitLab community were incorporated into Mattermost v0.7.0 Beta1–in particular, extending support of GitLab SSO to team creation, and restricting team creation to users with verified emails from a configurable list of domains.

Slack Import (Preview)

Preview of Slack import functionality supports the processing of an “Export” file from Slack containing account information and public channel archives from a Slack team.

  • In the feature preview, emails and usernames from Slack are used to create new Mattermost accounts, which users can activate by going to the Password Reset screen in Mattermost to set new credentials.
  • Once logged in, users will have access to previous Slack messages shared in public channels, now imported to Mattermost.


  • Slack does not currently export any files or images that your team has stored in the Slack database. Mattermost will provide links to the location of your assets in Slack’s web UI.
  • Slack does not currently export any content from your private groups or direct messages that your team has stored in the Slack database.
  • The Preview release of Slack Import does not offer pre-checks or roll-back and will not import Slack accounts with username or email address collisions with existing Mattermost accounts. Also, Slack channel names with underscores will not import. These issues are being addressed in Mattermost v0.8.0.

New Features

GitLab Mattermost

  • Ability to create teams using GitLab SSO (previously GitLab SSO only supported account creation and sign-in)
  • Ability to restrict team creation to GitLab SSO and/or users with email verified from a specific list of domains.

File and Image Sharing

  • New drag-and-drop file sharing to messages and comments
  • Ability to paste images from clipboard to messages and comments

Messaging, Comments and Notifications

  • Send messages faster with from optimistic posting and retry on failure


  • New style guidelines for Go, React and Javascript


Messaging, Comments and Notifications

  • Performance improvements to channel rendering
  • Added “Unread posts” in left hand sidebar when notification indicator is off-screen


  • Install documentation improved based on early adopter feedback

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple issues with GitLab SSO, installation and on-boarding
  • Fixed multiple IE 10 issues
  • Fixed broken link in verify email function
  • Fixed public links not working on mobile


Many thanks to our external contributors. In no particular order:

Special thanks to GitLab Mattermost early adopter community for issue reports and feedback. In no particular order:

Extra special thanks to GitLab community leaders for successful release of GitLab Mattermost Alpha: