[SOLVED] Trac integration

Hello everyone.

I am testing Mattermost (3.4) and there are some things that I cannot find. I am trying to integrate Trac with Mattermost and the documentation says that I should go to “System Console --> Integrations --> Webhooks and Commands”. But Under Integrations I only have “Custom Integrations” and “External Services”. Does anyone have any idea why I do not see the “Webhooks and Commands” link?


Hi @albercuba, could you share a link to the documentation you’re using? There should be a step to enable webhooks from the System Console before trying to set up a webhook.

Sorry it was my mistake. I was looking in the System Console and it is meant to be in the Channel.

Thanks anyway

@eric, not urgent, could you open a ticket to add a link from the Integration UI to the documentation so it’s more clear on what’s needed to enable webhooks in future?

By the 1% law of the internet, if one person is missing this, probably 100+ more are.

@albercuba, highly appreciate the feedback,