[SOLVED] Mattermost Integrations : integrations menu tab available


I just finished the installation of Mattermost v3.0.3 and I want to setup some webhook with Gitlab.

I’m trying to add a new incoming webhook to a channel but I can’t see the Account Settings -> Integrations tab.

I already have activated incoming webhook in the System Console (I have followed instructions here )

I am also a System Administrator.

Missing Integration tab :

How can i see the Account Settings -> Integrations tab ?

Thanks you

Ok I just found it myself, it was below Team Settings on the main menu.


I read https://github.com/mattermost/docs/blob/master/source/developer/webhooks-incoming.md, but
I can´t find the Main Menu > Integrations > Incoming Webhooks

What is Main Menu and why am i missing Integrations?
I am System Admin of my mattermost-server, and have installed Version:
Current version is 2.0.0 (5950/Sat Feb 13 15:42:01 UTC 2016/c71c5cef632c7dc68072167c6fe091a60835fa02)

Any help would be great. Thank You!