Webhooks available in preview image?

We’re trying to evaluate Mattermost and how it works with GitLab integration, however after standing up the preview image, I’m not seeing the ability to create an incoming webhook, despite enabling it in the System Console. Is this expected behavior with the preview image?

Hi, @maudette

When you navigate to https://<URL>/<team_name>/integrations/incoming_webhooks from the web browser, may I know what do you see on the UI?

If you already have done this:

  • If you don’t have the Integrations option in your Main Menu, incoming webhooks may not be enabled on your Mattermost server or may be disabled for non-admins. They can be enabled by a System Admin from System Console > Integrations > Integration Management . Then continue with the steps below.

Can you please confirm that the user has the right permission to manage webhooks?

Thanks for the response. It appears it is accessible, however it’s not in System Console as noted in the docs. If I just go to Integrations from the dropdown on the channels page, I can find it. Sorry, this is all set.

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Hi, @maudette

You are most welcome. Can you please share the documentation you came across that mentioned it is accessible from System Console please? I will then be able to propose a PR to make the necessary changes to avoid future confusion. Thanks!