Webhook permission scheme issue on E10 5.10


I am running into an issue where in the Integrations both Incoming and Outgoing webhook options are missing in MM 5.10 with E10 subscription. I assume it was still working in 5.9 though I didn’t have a need to check before upgrading last month.

The previously configured webhooks are still working. Incoming and outgong webhooks are enabled in the system console and is set to true in the config.json.

When checking the system scheme under advanced permissions in the system console I see that these specific permissions are missing for system adminstrators. See attached screenshot.

Please advise.

Hi @mves,

I’ve asked our team about this but haven’t gotten a reply yet, would you be open to creating a support ticket for this and our customer support team can take a look at your issue as well? You can create a support ticket via https://mattermost.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

@amy.blais I will, thanks.

Hello again, Michael.

I am responding to this ticket to confirm the resolution we came to by upgrading Mattermost to the latest 5.11 version. We then confirm that the permissions are restored back to its default settings.

Please let us know if you happen to run into the same issue again. Thanks.