Hubot integration

I’m not sure where to post this, so I posted this as well on Github. (Issue #89)

Other chat systems, has an adapter for Hubot, a system to write bots for various chat systems (like IRC, Slack, etc…).

How could I connect this with Hubot?

Hi @bramvdbogaerde, we’re working support for creating applications that integrate with services like Hubot. Hope to share some early designs soon. Right now (less than a week after going open source), there’s not a straight forward way to accomplish this.

In the meantime, the best way to influence product direction is by creating Feature Requests and bringing together a supportive community around them:

As you suggested, here is a feature request for a Hipchat integration:

Vote for it :smile:

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Great! I voted for it!


We launched Hubot Integration today:

You can already simply use ‘npm install hubot-mattermost’ to install the adapter anywhere.

Code and overall instructions can be found at this repo:

Hope it helps :smile:


Nice work! Can’t wait for 1.2 to come out to try it.

Nice work, but there is (IMHO) an important feature missing: hubot should appear as a member (additional user) in the direct messages list and enable talking privately to it. Something like Slack’s own slackbot and/or Slack’s Hubot integration. What do you think of this?

I’ve opened a GitHub issue on hubot-mattermost, but I have a feeling this sould be escalated to Mattermost. Should I open a new issue on Mattermost’s GitHub perhaps?

Please add to feature idea forum instead so it can be upvoted?

Thanks @it33, I’ve posted it under Bot Users.

The installation instruction is not clear at all. I have mattermost locally(using docker) but no idea how to integrate it with hubot.