[Help Wanted] Cog integration for Mattermost in Elixer

We spoke with GitLab today about their work on Cog as chatops solution.

  • GitLab is selecting Cog over Hubot as their chatbot client and is asking us about creating a Cog-Mattermost adapter.

  • Cog was created by the team that made Hubot, it’s intended to be more sophisticated and designed with pipelines and granular permissions to support more heavy-duty chatops scenarios

Cog requires adapters to be written in Elixir, which is built on Erlang, and we don’t have a lot of experience with the tool, so we wondered if there was someone from the Elixir/Erlang/Mattermost community interested in building an adapter?

Looking at the Cog-Slack adapter and then the Mattermost Golang Bot sample should provide the key information to get this project started:

PS: For people who want to use Mattermost and Hubot there’s hubot-mattermost and hubot-matteruser available.

Hello @it33!

I talked with Sytse briefly about this over Twitter yesterday/today and I’d love to give it a go.

Thanks @sircharleswatson!

That would be fantastic!!

Please let us know anything you need?

If you’d like, you can hang out with Mattermost Developers on our own instance if you’d like,

Welcome to the community!!

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I know very little Elixir but I’d also like to lend a hand where I can. I need to pick up a few newer languages so this’ll be a good way to get going.

Thanks @Leesy, thanks again @sircharleswatson,

Just to add, you can check out our Golang driver for examples on how to use the Mattermost Web Service API and connect it to Elixer.

Hugely appreciate your help, this could bring GitLab and Mattermost together in a powerful way,