Image Short URLs do not expand


Images posted with a full URL work insert as images. Images posted through a URL shortening service (eg Firebase) do not.

Steps to reproduce

Short URL:
full URL:

Expected behavior

I would expect either url to post an image preview. Only the full URL does so.

Observed behavior

Screenshot of behavior: https :// /uJoL
URL gapped as I am new user

Hi @earlgrei! Thank you for reporting this.

I was able to repro on 5.1 RC-3 version, so probably it’s a bug. I created a ticket here for our team to discuss:

Hey. So I thought I might have had a workaround for this using markdown but a markdown image is not collapsible at all. I can load the short URL image using markdown but not collapse an Markdown tagged image.

I’m bummed to see this was shifted from fix verision target 5.2 to 5.3. This will be preventing me from moving my Slack team to MM and from beginning deployment at my organization.

@earlgrei Thanks for the feedback, I notified devs about potentially getting this into v5.2.