Enlarge attachment image_url on clic

With message attachments (from slash command for example), the image_url is resized “to a maximum width of 400px”. On web app or desktop app, it’s not possible to “clic to enlarge” and see the image in real size.
This feature works on mobile app but it will be great if it will be possible in web/desktop app



Hello, @gVibrac

Trying to get a better understanding on the behavior that you are referring here.

Can you share the screen shot / screen recording what you are seeing on the desktop / web app versus the mobile app so I can get a better idea on the click to enlarge feature you are referring to?

Are you referring to clicking the image preview on public / private channels / DMs and the pop up will show the preview of the image? For example:

After clicking, you will get this:

Hello, I don’t understand, I use the forward slash command and in the attachment when sending from the server I use the image_url parameter, but in the incoming message in the private channel, the picture is obtained without calling the preview. Is there any way to do this by clicking on the picture?

Is it possible to remove the fields of the incoming response (attachments)?

Sorry, I cannot find the information I need in the answer.
Thanks to.