Incoming Webhooks : Payload and Attachment Documentation

Hi everybody,

I try to find some information, documentation about payload to use for Incoming Webhooks.
It’s easy to use basics values.
For example : payload={“username”: “robot”, “text”: “Hello, this is some text.”}

But I don’t find other information about how to use the value “attachment” or where I can find alls values available.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Humbert,

We don’t have documentation for the webhook attachment feature yet, but it would certainly be helpful. I’ve created a ticket to get some created.

In the meantime, does anyone in the community have any guidance or an example integration that shows how to use it?

Although I cannot yet successfully create a webhook post with attachments as a data attribute, there currently is updated documentation for this now here:

Message Attachments:
And in the developers, incoming webhooks:

I know this is old, but for anyone wanting to do this in python3, this is the inelegant way I’ve been posting IWH attachments.

import urllib3
import json
import certifi

mmURL = 'https://<yourwebhookURLhere>'

output_data = {}
output_data['text'] = 'text)'
output_data['username'] = 'username'
output_data['icon'] = 'icon URL'
output_data['title'] = 'title'
output_data['pretext'] = 'pretext'

attachment_data = {}
attachment_data['attachments'] = [output_data]

def SendToMM(output_data):
	http = urllib3.PoolManager(cert_reqs='CERT_REQUIRED',ca_certs=certifi.where())
	req = http.request("POST", mmURL, body=output_data_json, headers={'Content-Type': 'application/json'})
	print ("utf-8"))


Hopefully it’ll be of use to someone.