WebHooks technical help

Are there any DOCs for URL’s for someone looking for help with MatterMost and WebHooks? I am working with a few other systems and using MM for internal messaging.

That I would like to be able to do is along with sending text messages through MM I would like to be able to embed audio, picture, video files.

I have most of this working, but having no end of problems with embedded media.

Any assistance would be great!!


Have you seen our docs on webhooks?


Those are all great links! I have seen all of them and have got my webhook almost working properly. The problem I am having is when I send an image to MM the image never shows up in the stream, only a broken link icon. What I am hoping for is to send an embedded image to MM. using the code:

curl -i --insecure -X POST --data-urlencode 'payload={"attachments": [ { "fallback": "test", "color": "#ff8000", "text": "Picture below.", "author_name": "Home Assistant Monitor", "author_icon": "https://mattermost.com/wp-contect-uploads/2022/02/icon_WS.png", "text": "", "title": "Porch Motion Detected!" } ] }' https://mattermost.serverurl.com/hooks/<<< Webhook Key >>>>


As you can see the icon beside “Home Assistant Monitor”

The other link is being sent as a link right now, but it is a large picture I would like there instead.