Inconsistency between database and post in Web Client

Has anyone ever had the effect that different words are displayed in the post in the web client than those in the database? Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen, but consistently on 2 specific computers. But not on other computers. Mobile app shows it correctly.

Steps to reproduce
unfortunately not reproducible, It does not happen every time
Mattermost-Version: 9.2.2
Datenbankschema-Version: 113
Build-Nummer: 6801073174
Datenbank: mysql
Chrome 120
Windows 10

mysql> select substr(Message,50,50) from Posts where Id = “id”;
| substr(Message,50,50) |
| 04 immer mal wieder operiert, 6x insgesamt, links |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

immer mal wieder betrieben, 6x insgesamt, links

Expected behavior
No difference between screen and db