Message with multiple quoted paragraphs is rendered in multiple columns


When posting a message containing multiple quoted paragraphs, the message is rendered in multiple columns instead

Steps to reproduce

Mattermost 4.10.0
Post a message like this, then view it in any client (browser or desktop):

> some

> quoted

> content


Expected behavior

Expect to see three paragraphs rendered as quotes (as shown in the Preview)


Observed behavior

We see the three paragraphs alongside each other in columns.


Hi @gubbins! Thank you for reaching out.

I’m not able to reproduce this on the latest version (5.0.0 RC-7) - it is possible that we have fixed an issue related to this for 5.0.

We are releasing v5.0 today, so I’m wondering if you’d like to upgrade after it is available. You can also first test on our nightly build server which will be on v5.0 final version in a few hours.

Let me know any questions!

Hi @amy.blais,

I am now on 5.1.0 and still seeing the same behaviour. I did check your nightly build server which displays the post correctly. (We will upgrade to 5.2 soon but I really do not think that is going to change anything since I have seen this across multiple versions already).

So I think it must depend on something in the database configuration. Any help in figuring this out would be very much appreciated…


Hi @gubbins,

Can you help review this doc and send over all the relevant details of your environment as well as any possible log / Console errors:

What OS and version is the Mattermost server installed?

CentOS 7.2

What is your Mattermost server version?


Are you experiencing the issues with the browser webapp, if so which one?

Yes, all tested (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

Are you experiencing the issues with the Mattermost Desktop App, if so what version and OS?

Yes, 4.1.2 and earlier

Are you experiencing the issues with the Mattermost Mobile App, if so what version and OS?

Not tested

Can you send a snippet of the Mattermost server logs around the time of the incident?

Nothing appears in the logs at the time

Are you running Mattermost in a container and/or using container orchestration?

No (running natively)

Hi @gubbins! My colleague was able to reproduce this so I created a ticket here:

Thanks for finding this bug!

Thanks @amy.blais. Do you know what they did differently to our (unsuccessful) attempts to reproduce on the test server? The ticket doesn’t explain the difference and I wonder if it points to a workaround.

@gubbins I just tested this on a few other testing servers we have and I’m not able to reproduce this in different places, so I’m guessing it might have something to do with a specific environment - I’ll ask my colleague more details on the environment he has.

@gubbins - We are both on the same environment (desktop app v4.1.2, Mac OS 10.13.6, pre-release) so it doesn’t seem to be the environment after all - I’ll see what the devs find when they investigate a fix for this.

Maybe the difference is in the database configuration, e.g. the charset settings or similar. We use Mysql with charset=utf8mb4,utf8.

Giving you an update that a fix for this has already been submitted, so this should be in for v5.3!