Block Quote Styling?

Hi all-

The block quote styling I’m getting in Mattermost bugs me, and I’m curious if anyone else knows what’s going on. The Markdown documentation page included in the install (available here on Github) shows block quotes rendered with a thick vertical bar. This is what it looks like on my screen:

but in Mattermost it always renders a large double quote character:

Is there a simple way to change the behavior? (I’m also not crazy about the larger font used for block quotes, but that’s less distracting to my eye than the quote icon…)

(Only slightly related, the in-situ screenshot above is a situation where I’d really like mattermost to render double quoting a little nicer, e.g:

>> first speaker
> second speaker


Hi @Sajuka,

We should update those docs to use a screenshot from Mattermost, since the block quotes render differently in Mattermost and GitHub.

I think one of the reasons we don’t use a vertical bar for the block quotes is because we use a vertical bar for indicating replies below a post.

If anyone has suggestions on how we can show replies and block quotes differently, we would be open to hearing them.

Thanks @lfbrock, that makes sense. It would probably still cause double quoting problems, but I do kind of like the box around code blocks to call out “this text is different”. But I am only one user :slightly_smiling: