Inline Images in Android App

Hi guys

Are inline images not supported in the app? When I post an image according to the documentation, the enduser on Android just sees the code.

For example:

Are there any updates on this? I think you should be able to see an inline image in the app… :slight_smile:


As I see this is planned for v1.5, we are at 1.3 at the moment.
By the way: Attachments are not scaled (size) correctly. In my Android app it is croped in height.

Switched to Classic app (it works there), as we really need this feature.

Hi @codehobbit,

Like you found in our road map, that feature has been bumped back a few times to make way for other improvements, particularly performance ones. Last I checked, it’s looking like I’ll have time to work on it for 1.5.

Also, do you have a screen shot of the behaviour you’re seeing with the attachment sizing? I can file a bug for what you’re seeing