Integrate Mattermost with AWS SNS

Hi all, I followed the steps online, and have configured AWS SNS plugin for Mattermost and setup the Cloudwatcgh as well, created a SNS topic and tried adding my Mattermost URL and token as a subscriber but been getting an error:
error code invalid parameter error message invalid parameter unreachable endpoint
My AWS environment is in us-iso-east-1. I tried using these URLs for my SNS HTTPS endpoint with no luck:
https://mymattermosturl/myteam/plugins/[the mattermost token]

As well as:
https://mymattermosturl/myteam/plugins/[the mattermost token]

If I replace the mymattermosturl part with the IP, it accepts it as a subscriber but no messages would be posted in my Mattermost channel.

Can someone please shed some lights on this?


Hi tezarin and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I’ve never used this plugin on my own, but the documentation does not talk about the team name in the URL:

Can you also share a screenshot of your AWS SNS plugin settings?