Interactive keyboard for predefined replies


I am developing a bot, based on mmpy_bot, and I need to implement some functionality similar to what Telegram offers here: Bots: An introduction for developers

At the moment it is possible to interact with my bot through text. For example, if I type ‘!status’ into a channel with the bot it will reply with it’s status. For better usability I want to avoid having to type manually and have the bot present buttons to click/press instead. Is there any way to implement such a thing in Mattermost? I have been through the docs for interactive messages, dialogues, buttons and menus but as far as I can tell everything requires an integration at the other end. I need to do this without an integration. As with the Telegram predefined keyboard, I just want to press a button that will send a specific message to the channel.

The only similar request I see on the MM forums is from 2018, and it does not have a resolution: