Respond to Interactive messages with buttons

Good morning, I am creating a chat application using the Mattermost server. I would like to know how to handle the response to an interactive message with buttons.

From the integration part, I know how to create and update an interactive message but it is for the client part that I don’t understand how to handle the user choice.

When the client received a message with buttons coming from a response sent by a integration through an outgoing webhook, the user will choose a response between the available buttons. I wonder how to handle the button clicked, and tell the server to send a request to the integration that created the interactive message.

Thanks and have a great day.

@Hanzei Pinging you as a first step,

Hey @GoodBadboY,

When a user clicks on a button, the client calls an API method ({post_id}~1actions~1{action_id}%2Fpost), which contains the post_idand action_id. Then the server launches a request to the integrations.

If hope this answers your question. Let me know, if you need further help.

It works perfectly, thanks a lot.