Interactive message don't trigger url

I followed the documentation to post an interactive message with actions pointing to specific endpoint (url).
But when I click on the buttons, it doesn’t call my endpoint, only POST /api/v4/posts/ie5kcd67ajnsbgwuektj1go1xo/actions/unpark-TOTO

Mattermost Version: 9.0.0

Here is my Json (url hidden)

{“channel_id”:“djqsklqjdkljsqkldjqlkdjlkqsjdlkjqld”,“message”:“Test”,“props”:{“attachments”:[{“text”:“Unpark coin(s):”,“actions”:[{“id”:“unpark-TITI”,“name”:“TITI”,“integration”:{“url”:“https://----”,“context”:{“action”:“unpark”}}},{“id”:“unpark-TATA”,“name”:“TATA”,“integration”:{“url”:"https://---------,“context”:{“action”:“unpark”}}},{“id”:“unpark-TOTO”,“name”:“TOTO”,“integration”:{“url”:“https://----------”,“context”:{“action”:“unpark”}}}]}]}}

What might I be missing?

Please check that the URL endpoints specified in the JSON payload are correct and accessible. Also confirm that the Mattermost version 9.0.0 supports the integration method you’re using for interactive messages.

Hi Jiya,

Of course I already did that.

Ok it was simple but still hard to find. You can’t use hyphen or underscore un the “id” field… Some clear documentation would have spared me many hours of test :slight_smile: