Invite a member to a direct message group?

Hi all,

maybe there is an answer to this question at the forum, but I searched and didn´t found anything, so my apologies for a maybe dumb question:

Is it possible to invite a member to an existing direct message group?
Lets say I have a group of 3 members (I now direct groups are limited to 7 memebers) and I want to invite one ore two new members.
It is possible to do that as a system admin, but I would like give this right to my “normal” users.

We are on 5.19.

Thank you!


You can click on the dropdown in the channel header and then click Add Members. It will open a new group message channel though.

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Unfortunately not.
This is how it looks like:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-08 um 17.10.06

Do you use Advanced Permissions? If yes, what do the setting permissions look like for channel management?

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Hello, @MOK24

To be able to add more member, you should be able to do so if are using the default permission scheme. If you are on E10 / E20 offering, you have the ability to create your own team override schemes.

Can you please confirm that the permission scheme in use for this team looks like this (if you are not using the system scheme)?

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Hello @ahmaddanial,

thanks for your answer.
Our permission scheme looks like this:

I can see differences there, but the part “Manage Posts” looks pretty same.

Thanks for your help.


PS: we are using E10 btw, but we don´t have set team override schemes.

Hello, @MOK24

Thanks for the clarification. In this case, the system permission scheme has been altered to tailor to your requirement. May I suggest the following?

  • Create a new Team Override Scheme that is similar to the one that you have for the system permission scheme now.

  • Once that is done, navigate to the System Scheme and you should be able to see the Reset to Defaults button. Click on it.

  • Click on Save.

  • Navigate back to the team and click on View > Clear Cache & Reload if you are on the desktop app or refresh the page if you are on the web browser

  • Verify that you are able to invite a user into the direct message group.

  • Once done, you can decide if you want to make assign specific permission schemes to teams or alter the system permission scheme accordingly.