iOS App can't add members to a private channel

App version 2.0.0
Server Version 7.7.1

Since the update of the ios app I can’t add or manage members of a (new) private channel. I can do so with the desktop app, so it shouldn’t be a permissions problem and it was working before the app update.

Is this feature missing in the 2.0.0 app version? Can anybody confirm? Or am I missing something here…

Thank you!

We have a PR open to add the Add Members functionality in an upcoming mobile app release

Managing channel members functionality has been submitted for Mobile V2.1 (February) release.

ah perfect, thank you @amy.blais

Just a short update: 2.1 has unfortunately not shipped this feature, but you can view and remove members as well as change their channel role in 2.1.
For adding people to a channel, you will still need to use the workaround to mention them in the channel and then click on the link in the ephemeral post that is telling you that this person did not get notified because of not being a member in the channel as of yet.