Issues with migrating configuration to the Mattermost Database

Not able to migrate the configuration to the mattermost DB

Steps to reproduce
Successful curl response to MM server after Fresh install of Mattermost Version 6.6.0 with configuration to AWS Aurora DB.
Error after running commands:
sudo su mattermost
cd /opt/mattermost
bin/mattermost config migrate ./config/config.json ‘postgres://mmuser:@:5432)/mattermost?sslmode=disable&connect_timeout=10’

Expected behavior
config migrate runs

Observed behavior
Error: unknown command “config” for “mattermost”

Also get same response from “bin/mattermost config get SqlSettings.DataSource” command. After looking at --help I tried using “bin/mattermost --config get SqlSettings.DataSource” and get the error:
Error: unknown command “SqlSettings.DataSource” for “mattermost”

I’m using the instructions from:

the command listed on the page doesn’t work for me
bin/mattermost config get SqlSettings.DataSource

I get the error:
Error: unknown command "config" for "mattermost" Run 'mattermost --help' for usage.

Does it work for anyone else?

Hi raulpineda,

unfortunately, this documentation is outdated. The command line options for the mattermost binary are being moved to the mmctl binary, so what previously was mattermost config migrate is now mmctl config migrate.

Can you try with this command, please?