Who changes permanently my config.json in MM 5.31.4

Good evening,
who actually keeps rewriting my “SqlSettings” in config.json? I mean, which software? I use MySQL and not Postgres. And the site URL is suddenly gone at all! But Mattermost 5.31.4 still works fine and tells me to enter the site URL. What happens here?
Only mattermost (cli) has its problems, because it can’t access the database anymore (timeout, will try it in 10 seconds). How often do I have to change my config.json?
Any ideas?

There is a known issue where the config.json can reset when running the command systemctl restart mattermost , and when running any commands that write to the config (e.g. config or plugin ) (tickets to address [MM-33752] Restarting the mattermost service wipes the config - Mattermost / [MM-32390] Config logic overhaul - Mattermost). Maybe you’re seeing this?

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Oh! Many thanks. :slight_smile:
I’ve written in other threads about this issue but have’nt got an answer …