Config.json gets reset when using CLI on docker installation


config.json gets “reset” when using CLI on docker installation

Steps to reproduce

We are able to run CLI commands !docker exec -it! as below but running it again causes alot of errors and then the config.json gets reset? and no longer contains our settings.

Running version:
docker@livm27p:/bin> docker exec -it mattermost-docker_app_1 mattermost version
Version: 5.30.0
Build Number: 5.31.0
Build Date: Fri Jan 15 02:36:16 UTC 2021
Build Enterprise Ready: true
DB Version: 5.31.0

Expected behavior

that it is possible to do several CLI commands without error

Observed behavior

Alot of errors and then missing all our settings in config.json

Thank you!
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Hello, @Anette

Would you mind confirming if you ran the CLI command using the root / mattermost user?

I just want to confirm if you might potentially run in a known issue here - Config.json resets itself to original if binary is run with root user starting from 5.30

Since you are running on 5.31.0, there is a chance that you might be affected by it.