Janus streaming notworking

I installed janus web on amazon ec2 the videos not working
all the demo modules not working
Loading transport plugin ‘libjanus_websockets.so’…
[ERR] [janus.c:main:5320] Couldn’t load transport plugin ‘libjanus_websock ets.so’: /opt/janus/lib/janus/transports/libjanus_websockets.so: undefined symbo l: lws_write_ws_flags
WebRTC error: getUserMedia not available

This looks like it is an issue with WebRTC, as it says that the module/command getUserMedia is not available. I did a bit of research on this, and it appears that this is not a Mattermost issue, but a WebRTC issue, that is a result of some of their upgrades. Please see the corresponding GitHub issue here, and the documentation on StackOverflow here that explains how you can fix this issue.

Does this help?

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