Java IncomingWebhookRequest, not work icons

Hello everyone!
mattermost4j-core - 0.25.0v
mattermost server version - latest

Icon 256x256 format: PNG
Links is work)

After updating the server to the latest version, the icons stopped working. Everything was working fine before.

Before, each post had its own icon, but now all post has one icon


Hi baksovic and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

With regards to your code:

IncomingWebhookRequest payload = new IncomingWebhookRequest();

What’s the value of status.getIcon() and can you confirm that the setting to allow changing the profile picture for integrations in the system console is set to true (IntegrationsIntegrations Management):

What Mattermost server version did you use before you upgraded to 7.5.1?

Hi. “Enable integrations to override profile picture icons” is true

I can’t say latest version(. Last update was 3 month ago

status.getIcon() - url - (https://…icon.png)

Then please let me know the exact server version you’re currently running on, 7.5.1 was released a few days ago, so “latest” is most likely not correct here in your description.

Can you dump the payload before it’s being sent to the Mattermost server and try to reproduce it with curl on the command line, f.ex.? If you can post the payload that has been generated by your code snippet here it would help me to try to reproduce it on a demo system (as soon as I know your exact version).

Thanks for help. Fixed! The problem was in the links to the icons)))

Awesome, thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile: I’m marking this thread as resolved now.

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