Jira Plugin Failing to Post

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Jira integration is setup as per instructions and did receive one message, however it is no longer working

The following can be found in the error log:
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:1549455536.9487045,“caller”:“plugin/client_rpc.go:326”,“msg”:“Plugin failed to ServeHTTP, RPC call failed”,“plugin_id”:“jira”,“error”:“connection is shut down”}
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:1549455541.948886,“caller”:“plugin/client_rpc.go:281”,“msg”:“Plugin failed to ServeHTTP, muxBroker couldn’t accept connection”,“plugin_id”:“jira”,“serve_http_stream_id”:42,“error”:“timeout waiting for accept”}
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:1549455541.9489727,“caller”:“plugin/client_rpc.go:300”,“msg”:“Plugin failed to ServeHTTP, muxBroker couldn’t Accept request body connection”,“plugin_id”:“jira”,“error”:“timeout waiting for accept”}

Steps to reproduce

Configure Jira Plugin, wait for webhook.
(nginx as proxy as per your docs and MySQL on AWS RDS)

Expected behavior

New post is made in configured channel

Observed behavior

See log errors above.

Also when trying the debug CURL command in the FAQ I get a 500 error from the server.

After a restart of the mattermost service I also see:

{“level”:“error”,“ts”:1549464183.0955718,“caller”:“plugin/client_rpc.go:326”,“msg”:“Plugin failed to ServeHTTP, RPC call failed”,“plugin_id”:“jira”,“error”:“unexpected EOF”}

Fix is in progress


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Is there an ETA on the fix or release? We’re looking to migrate from Slack but at the moment without a working Jira integration it’s a no-go.

The jira Ticket is planned for 5.8

So 16.02.2019

@mojowill Just touching base to hear if v5.8 resolved the issue for you?