Join a team button unavailable


The “Join a team” menu article is not available on our new mattermost server.
There was an old article with the same problem but it doesn’t help :
[Solved] Unable to join teams

Steps to reproduce

We have install an gitlab-ee server, and a gitlab-ee mattermost server. Mattermost use the Gitlab account sso for the authentication of the users.
Gitlab-ee omnibus version is 12.9.2, the mattermost included is ;

Version de Mattermost : 5.20.2
Version du schéma de la base de données : 5.20.0
Base de données : postgres

Expected behavior

We have created some teams:
One default team called : Inria (everybody with an account can join these team)
An other “open” team : DSI-SP (everybody with an account can join these team)
And some “private” teams
The users are supposed to be able to join the “open” teams by using the “Join a team” menu article.

Observed behavior

The “Join a team” menu article is not present. This the same for all users. It is the same for the web interface or the mattermost clients.
By the way, it is only a GUI problem. The workaround when we use the web client is to :
1 - log to the mattermost server :
2 - When identified, goto
The new window lets the user select the join-able teams. And it works.

Could you please help us ?

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@paulrothrock Would the support team be familiar with this issue?

Hi @chassi

Do you see any errors in the developer tools JavaScript console? Are there any requests in the Network tab of the developer tools?

Hi @paulrothrock,

There is no error in the console (Chrome dev tool) and in the network tool there is no request wich contains “select”.

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I believe I found why:
In the Experimental Features there is an option to set a primary team that I had used. It seems that when this option is set the “Join another team” menu article is disabled.

Txs to @paulrothrock and @amy.blais

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