Let's get up and running.(How to translate)

    • How to translate locally,
      ** * Can you give a rule and an example.**

`Let’s get up and running.

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No thanks, I’ll figure it out myself`

    • How long can the official translation be synced to github.
    • This welcome box, the box can be set to close.
      The contents of this pop-up box, I don’t want to show, is there a place to disable it; Or where is the location of the source code, I can manually modify the source code.

Hi @Hermit ,

I’m not sure I understand you correctly, so please let me know if I got you wrong.

ad 1) You cannot translate them locally on your system, you need to translate them using weblate, here are the strings in question:

ad 2) There’s a dead-line for when translations need to be done in Weblate to make it into the next release, not sure exactly about the deadline, but I think you can find lots of information in the handbook:

ad 3) I do not understand this question, sorry - can you try to rephrase it?

what is your definition of “How to translate locally”? You can use Weblate to translate Mattermost to various languages. Once a term is translated in your language, it will be picked up by the development / translation team on the last monday of a month. The new / changed terms will be visible in Mattermost Cloud first and about a month later in Mattermost Server.
The mentioned terms are translateable.

  1. I do not understand this question, sorry - can you try to rephrase it?
  • I want to close the popup.

This file, translation format needs to comply with what rules, which I send the bottom left pop-up box. What rules are used to add to the contents of files under i18n.

If you want to close the popup, just click on the small x in the bottom left corner.
If you want to disable the popup so that none of your users are ever seeing it, you need to disable the Onboarding feature in your system console (Experimental → Features → Enable Onboarding).

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  • Thank you. Solve the problem your way