LF: ability to export a channel to pdf before archiving (from the UI - regular user)

Hello all.

I’m a regular user of Mattermost. As a team, we like to discuss topics via Private Channels, and archive/delete them when we are done.

Is there a way for me to export a single channel either to csv/pdf/xml before archiving it?

This would have to be done as a regular user… (Via the interface, not CLI)

I do not have “access” directly to the DB nor do I have access to the server. I have seen CLI solutions (bulk export tool), and also someone that ceated a plugin to export just one specific channel… but they all require CLI or a connection into the DB. I’m just a regular user and the team maintaining the server will not give me access as we have other teams with info that I shouldn’t have access to (I agree with them - i’m only interested in my channels)

Is there a way to simply click on the channel > Select Export? (or something similar?)

Do you have the ability to use/create a personal access token, or to get API access? This seems like the type of thing that an external script that could query the instance would be able to do, especially because the user would already have access to the channel, and would be able to read messages without needing additional permissions, as long as you have API access, etc. Just a thought!

Thanks for your suggestion. Answer to your questions are No…

But, (and no offense here), does it have to be that complicated? What I mean here is why isn’t there an export menu item directly from the channel? Since I have the ability to create a channel, delete it, archive it, wouldn’t make sense for an end user to also have the ability to export it? It doesn’t necessarily have to be in pdf. Xml, csv, etc would be 100 times better than having to copy and paste or take screenshots.

Note: The team taking care of our mattermost server don’t have time to “fiddle” with giving access, etc (they have other services to support too).

Hello, @hereIam

Just sharing some alternatives here. May I know if you would be interested to use a plugin to achieve this process from the UI?

The plugin that I refer to is the Mattermost Channel Export Plugin. Something that you would like to check on, maybe.

Yes, that seems a lot closer. I will test it out and pending on outcome (might take a week or so) will mark your suggestion as a solution to my thread. Thanks!