Private messages bulk export

Hallo :slight_smile: I am running a mattermost server (v 5.10) on a Bitnami installation and I want to move the content to another server using the bulk export tool.

The general bulk export command “sudo ./mattermost export bulk file.json --all-teams” as meantioned in the docs works but it doesn’t export direct messages and private group messages.

Shouldn’t this work with version 5.10 like the changelog claimed?

I tried to specify the command but all the options that the command allows is “–all-teams”. How can I specify that direct messages are exported too? Is that even possible?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @leon,

Thank you for reaching out,

Did you try this section in our docs:

Hi @amy.blais

thank you for your answer. I checked the documentation for the bulk command and also this page but how to I specify the direct channel object in the export command? So far neither the direct channels nor the messages are part of the file.json file.

Hi @leon,

DMs should be part of the export, by default (see here). Did the export (with log level debug) produce any logging output?

Hi @amy.blais

I found the error. Some custom emojis caused an error which stopped the bulk export before it stored the DMs. After deleting the custom emojis the export worked perfectly as in the docs.

Still thank you for your support.