Unable to import Slack private channel's data into Mattermost

Hi there,

I have been trying to import Slack database. I used a tool in order to export data from slack which includes the DM and private messages. Therefore, its not as it is defined in the limitation guidelines: “Direct Messages and Private Channels cannot be imported. Slack does not include these messages when generating the export archive.”

So I have private channels data in the slack export archive. But I am not able to import into MM.

I also did not find any relevant response in Mattermost Peer-to-Peer Forum.

Can someone help me in this regard.?
Many Thanks in advance.

Hi @singh.gursharan34,

As stated in the doc, Direct Messages and Private Channels cannot be imported - I’m not sure why that data got included in the export archive. We do have a Feature Request ticket open. If you can provide us some more information about what format the export is in, we might be able to find a way to convert the format of your Slack export into a format that will work with our bulk import tool (https://docs.mattermost.com/deployment/bulk-loading.html) that can be used to help import your data.

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Hi Amy,

We simply used Corporate Export which includes private channel data and dm…

Link for reference: https://get.slack.help/hc/en-us/articles/201658943-Export-your-workspace-data#use-corporate-export

Are there any updates on “slack corporate export” import feature ?
can not move to mattermost without it…

any updates on this ?

Hi @AB04,

We have a feature request ticket open here but it is not planned yet. I’ll forward the details about Slack’s corporate export to our team.

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