Slack imports not seeing DMs

I have successfully exported ALL of my team’s data from slack - including private messages and DMs , attachments, emails - the whole shebang.
I also believe I was successful in importing these into my test mattermost docker image, however when I go in to there to try to revive the DMs I know I had in slack, the history does not appear.

I must be missing some critical detail. Can anyone advise me on this?


Hi @andyseubert! Thank you for reaching out.

Here is more information on this:
It looks like importing direct messages is not currently supported.

I saw that in the docs,
“Direct Messages and Private Channels cannot be imported. Slack does not include these messages when generating the export archive.”

however Slack actually can and does include DMs and private channels when you do an “enterprise export” so I was hoping that the data exists in the mm database somewhere but just needs coerced into visibility.

Perhaps ?


Hi @andyseubert - I’m not 100% so I’ve asked the team and other community members in the Peer-to-peer channel in our nightly build server - please join to follow the discussion and ask any additional questions you may have! You can join any other public channels as well.

the data from what I can tell is not getting imported,
I’ll just use those chat areas for help.

Hi @andyseubert! Seems that this would indeed be a feature request. There is a feature request open for this here which you can upvote: