How to Export a Single Channel from Mattermost Server


While the Bulk Export functionality on Mattermost Server only allow System Administrator to export the entire set of information of every channel, we need to have a way to export a single channel only too.



  1. Download the compatible .tar.gz file from the plugin repository.
  2. After ensuring that "EnableUploads": true flag is set in config.json, upload the plugin through System Console > Plugin Management
  3. Enable the plugin and ensure that it is running:
  4. From the channel that you want to export the information from, type /export:
  5. The following confirmation is displayed on the screen:
  6. The channelexportbot will send you a DM once the export is ready (CSV format):
  7. The format of the data exported by the .csv is listed below:
|Post CreationTime|User Id|User Email|User Type|User Name|Post Id|Parent Post Id|Post Message|Post Type|
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hello, I don’t find β€œconfig.json” file, can you detail it please

Hey, Can you please detail it, please?