Line breaks in channel header description or pinning a post to the top of the list


I want a more substantial description for channels I create and so I need to use line breaks to have this information formatted sensibly - but line breaks are not being displayed aftert the header description is saved.

The next-best option would be to be able to pin a post to the top of the list of posts (like what can be done on this Discourse forum!) but that does not seem to be possible either . .

Is there some way of putting a more substantial, nicely formatted block of text at the top of each channel - which will not scroll of the screen?



Hi @philiprhoades, you should be able to create a list in the channel header if you format it similar to below:

 - First item
 - Second item

 - Third item

Does this help?

Not really - I don’t want bullets and even if I do that, I can only see the first bullet . .

Thanks for the suggestion though . .