How to simplify the "purpose" field in a channel

The “Purpose(optional)” field that appears in the channel is too long.

This is the start of the CHANNEL-NAME private channel, created by USERNAME on DATE. Only invited members can see this private channel. This private channel’s purpose is: CHANNEL DESCRIPTION TEXT

I want this to be displayed only for the purpose of explanation.
Because the purpose of the channel is buried by other explanations and difficult to read.

I think it’s safe for users to make it difficult to understand the process of creating channels and the types of channels. I want to make it possible for the user to immediately grasp the purpose with a quick glance.

Please tell me how to display only the purpose of the channel or how to make the purpose display stand out. *The place is also one way it is in the header.

Mattermost term 5.11.0

Hello, @Babbles

The information is displayed at the top of the channel when it was created. If I understand correctly, you just want to have the purpose of the channel instead of the the extra details. Is that correct?

Else, can you provide a screen shot from your end to illustrate the ideal behavior that you are looking for? Thanks.

Is there no such function now? So this is a visual suggestion. It is not a malfunction of the function.
In short, this is difficult to see. It’s almost like reading the terms of use for software and services.
Users who visit this channel for the first time will be disgusted by that channel.
That’s why I want to make this block an expression that doesn’t impact users much.

I think you should be able to set whether the channel description is automatically open or closed by default. I want you to adjust the color scheme.