RFE: Display subscribed channel more clearly

As a new mattermost user, I found if “All channels” change it to “All channel subscribed” will make user more aware that one need to click on the + on the right to see all available channels.


Hello, @tjyang

From my perspective, the description of All channels has already taken into consideration all the channels that the specific user are participants of which means that it is defaulted to refer to all the channels subscribed / joined.

While I would prefer to have it kept nice and simple, please feel free to share your opinion on this by creating a suggestion in the Mattermost Forum for the rest of the community to cast their votes on and share their thoughts on it too Hope that helps.

@Ahmadi , Thanks for the reply. It is OK. It could be just me got confused. I am marking it resolved.

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Hi, @tjyang

It’s all good as I can understand how you are viewing from your perspective. So, no worries!

Stay safe and take care.