List of public teams and my teams

It would be nice if I can see the list of public teams and my teams in the welcome page.

I can see the list of my teams, when I click the “vertical-three-dots” at the lefttop in any team, but no public teams. And the welcome page lists public teams in team directory but no my teams.

I can’t post this in uservoces because I have spent all of my votes.

Thanks @eungjun.yi,

Hopefully your post here will motivate another user who would have upvoted the feature to add it to Uservoice.

The feature idea forum runs on Uservoice because the system offers a limited number of votes per user. This helps communicate which features users would choose over other features, which is helpful because contributors also need to decide which feature ideas to work on over the other options.

In the system console you can set Team Settings -> Enable Team Directory: to true then for each team in Team Settings -> Include this team in the Team Directory to Yes. This will show the teams on the root page.

@coreyhulen Thanks for the guide. But the feature is not enough for me. The root page listed teams in the team directory but didn’t list my teams.