MacOS desktop application stops scrolling to new messages

What the subject says; After a certain (not consistent) amount of time, the MacOS desktop client stops auto-scrolling when there are new messages in a window. The new messages are available if you scroll down, but you have to manually do so.

There does not appear to be specific UI behavior that triggers this. For example, it occurs (eventually) even if you never manually scroll the window back up at any time.

This is Version 5.1.0 (19937), on MacOS 10.15.7 (19H1417).

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Hi Xof,

5.1.1 has been released - can you still reproduce it with the latest version?

Yes, 5.1.1 shows the same behavior.

Thanks for confirming.
Can you please check the Desktop App logs to see if there’s anything relevant logged there when this happens?
It might be related to a broken websocket connection, but I’m just wild guessing here.

I don’t seem to have a ~/Library/Logs/Mattermost directory; is there a switch to throw to enable logging? (I’m still on Catalina.)

Library is a hidden folder on OSX, so while in finder, press CMD-Shift-. which will enable you descend in this directory then.
Logging is activated by default, just checked on my installation, the log is there in this directory. The logpath changes on newer versions though, but since you’re still on Catalina, you should find it there.

I’ve encountered the same issue:

  • macOS 12.4
  • desktop client 5.1.1
  • server: 7.0.1
  • no error messages in the client log
  • scrolling in webclient seems to work (hard to reproduce the issue consistently)

Thanks for this information!

It would be interesting to see if this problem can also be reproduced with the latest nightly builds:

No change on the latest build.

To be clear, it’s not a problem with receiving the updates; the client clearly receives them, because the scroll bar alters to show that there are things hidden at the bottom. The issue is that the window itself doesn’t scroll to show them, and you have to manually scroll down to see new posts.

If you reply with the scroll bar in that situation, it does scroll to show your new post.

Yes, I understood the problem just wanted to make sure it’s also present with the most recent version. Thanks for confirming that it is; I’ll forward this to the developers, will take some time though to get it looked at.

Same problem here.
Desktop client: 5.1.1
MacOs: 12.5

Download links for version 5.2 no longer works.

Thanks for the support!

Hi pabgg and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Please find the updated download links here:


I’m having the same issue.
Desktop Client Version 5.1.1
MacOS 10.15

Using 5.2.0-nightly worked for me. Didn’t encounter the issue in some weeks now.

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Hi rplst8 and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Could you also try the 5.2.0 nightly client to see if this fixes your problem?