Mass Load / Performance Testing

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I couldn’t find anything about mass performance testing. I need to simulate an arbitrary number of parallel users with usage patterns (e.g. 0 - N msgs per minute per user, randomized waiting times between msgs, randomized lenths) to find out how MM performes with a given server configuration.
My first idea is to use phantomjs because it mimics real browsers but maybe there are other approaches or someone else did it before. Maybe the Mattermost team did something like that?

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I need this too. I want to know whether mattermost works well with 1000+ members in a team.

We currently don’t have anything set up for this, but would like to add it in the future. I created a ticket that’s accepting pull requests if anyone is interested in working on it.

We also have tickets for benchmark testing, which again we are planning on adding but have not yet had the time.

I just saw that the ticket was closed (“won’t fix”).

As there is no info regarding Mattermost performance testing, what about Mattermost performance facts? I know that there are hundreds of users on but most of them aren’t active at the same time it seems. Are there other large real world deployments with hundreds of users?

Come on guys Take a look here

This kind of functions included the Tests could and should be Part of enterprise. The nice Team need some functions to make money. :slight_smile: and no i ´am not a part of them. We are a small company and happy to use a solution like this for free.