Mattermost 3.1.0 - 14.04 LTS: Failure to Import Slack

Hello all,

I’ve been working on trying to deploy mattermost 3.1 and I’ve been unable to import from slack. I have followed to a T, other than substituting IP addresses and my home directory name. Every time I export from Slack, I get an import failure. The Mattermost Import Summary is here:

so the plot thickens: I have VMs with snapshots so that I can jump between different states and I am able to import from slack into the one-line docker demo instance (which is running 3.0.3 and mysql instead of postgresql) with no issues but all of the other install formats (production docker on ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS with 3.1.0, production local machine install (no docker) with 3.1.0 on both ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS and 16.04) fail to import the exact same exported files. Has anyone successfully imported from a slack team into 3.1.0?

I didn’t see any bug requests outstanding and I need to get this into testing with my team soon. If import is broken in 3.1.0, is there an easy way to get the mysql database out of the demo docker and putting it into my production setup? (other then connecting to the mysql instance directly and backing it up)

Edit: here’s an even better question: all of the other instances come with Postgres instead of MySQL. Is the issue 3.1.0 vs 3.0.3 or Postgres vs MySQL?

Edit 2: so switching to MySQL didn’t do anything for this issue. same failure and same summary output. Starting to look like a bug in 3.1.0 now.

Hey there,

From my personal experience, I know the import tool is far from perfect, and exporting from Slack is not the best either (since they keep changing the format)

Regardless I know that can import only once per team, so make sure you have a fresh team with no users (or no users with the same email) otherwise things do go wrong.

I also found that Mattermost runs better (we have about 100 users on simultaneously) on PostgreSQL then on MySQL.
Also make sure the the Mattermost user has the right permissions on it’s folders because the imported file is saved first before it is ran.

To respond to you other question, you can easily create a mysql dump to get it to the production server.
Once your 3.1.0 production instance is linked to your 3.0.3 database, you will need to run the “platform update” command to update your database to the latest version of the code. It should be quick, easy and painless.