Mattermost 7.4.0 sidebar empty for new users

We have a gitlab omnibus mattermost deployment. Currently on 7.4.0.
New users have an empty sidebar. Existing users sidebars are fine.

Steps to reproduce
How can we reproduce the issue (what version are you using?)
Create new users, login, sidebar is empty

Expected behavior
Expect to see Channels and Direct Messages

Observed behavior
Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 10.12.07 AM

Please help

Hi @gitthismoney ,

sorry for the late reply here - an empty sidebar usually indicates a database schema issue for new users, but it’s hard to tell without additional details.
Do you see any error messages in your mattermost.log file and do you have access to the database? If so it would be interesting to see the differences in the tables for a new and an existing user.

SELECT * FROM user where name IN ('workinguser', 'notworkinguser');

Remember the userid of these user accounts and use it in the next few queries:

SELECT * FROM preferences WHERE userid IN ('userid1', 'userid2');
SELECT * FROM sidebarcategories WHERE userid IN ('userid1', 'userid2');
SELECT * FROM sidebarchannels WHERE userid IN ('userid1', 'userid2');