Default sidebar for new users

Dear community,

I’m trying to set a “defaut sidebar” for the new users of my mattermost instance. In other words, I want a new member of a team to be initially registered to a list of channels, and i want these channels to be set under predetermined categories.

With the API v4, i’m able to :

  • Automatically add the user to the wanted channels
  • Automatically create all the wanted categories for the user
    But i’m missing the last step : i can’t figure how to set the channels under the right categories…

Am I missing something ?

Thanks for your help

I guess you can hande this with a serverside plugin.
It can listen to the event when a user is created, do the necessary lookups and decide to what channels the new user should be added.
More info on writing plugins (it’s not that hard) you can find on my blog Introduction to Mattermost Plugins (part 4: webapp-plugins is still a work in progress)
Or the GitHub - mattermost/mattermost-plugin-welcomebot can help you as well?