Mattermost 7.4 Failed to apply database migrations

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Errors after upgrade from 6.3.3 to 7.1.4

Steps to reproduce
Errors in log files

Expected behavior

Observed behavior
Looking at console logs see below at the start

{“level”:“error”,“msg”:“Could not initiate logging”,“fields”:{“error”:“"invalid config for logging, error creating log target _defFile: error decoding file target options: invalid character ‘m’ in string escape code"”}}
{“level”:“info”,“msg”:“Server is initializing…”,“fields”:{“go_version”:“go1.18.1”}}
{“level”:“info”,“msg”:“Pinging SQL”,“fields”:{“database”:“master”}}
{“level”:“fatal”,“msg”:“Failed to apply database migrations.”,“fields”:{“error”:“"open migrations\mysql: file does not exist"”}}
{“level”:“debug”,“msg”:“Deleting any unused pre-release features”}

@tbielejeski - continuing the conversation here.

For reference, you need not have run mattermost db migrate, the migration happens automatically on start.

I can see some errors in the logs. @noxer - would you be able to assist @tbielejeski with this one?


I suspect you mean me :wink:

@tbielejeski I noticed that your path separators are backwards. They should be / instead of \. Go interprets the \ as an escape code, hence the first error. The same can be seen in open migrations\mysql, there should be a / here.

Which operating system are you trying this on?

lol … yeah sorry hard to remember so many usernames :stuck_out_tongue:

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We are running on Windows 2016 OS

Natively or inside a WSL container? Native Windows installations are not really supported…

Runing on native windows OS. Actully I reverted back and did a version by version upgrade process and the data migrations were all performed. so seems a jump from the LTS 6.x to LTS 7.x does not work well