Mattermost API version 4

Hello developers in the Mattermost community,

We’re looking to move the Mattermost API to the next version in the coming releases with the purpose of addressing concerns and issues with Mattermost API version 3, the current version.

The specification for API version 4 is being written here. It is still in progress and subject to change.

We will be discussing feedback for the specification tomorrow at 10am San Francisco time, during our weekly public developer meeting. Feel free to come by and participate!

Giving Feedback

Feedback is welcome, even encouraged! If you have general concerns or wishes please feel free to comment with them here. If you have more specific feedback, feel free to comment directly on the specification linked above.


Once the specification is complete, we’ll be looking for help implementing the new API version. So stay tuned for how you can help with that!

In the meantime, if you would like to contribute, feel free to grab one these of help wanted issues for documenting endpoints in APIv3. If you submit four PRs before January 8th, you can win a Mattermost t-shirt from our Hackfest!