Mattermost moving to API version 4

User and community integrations are important to the Mattermost ecosystem. To make the Mattermost API web service easier to use and to offer more powerful options for these integrations, Mattermost will be moving to a new API version soon. Highlights include:

  • Fully documented API endpoints
  • More in-depth access to server functionality
  • Wider use of established HTTP verbs
  • Consistent endpoint structures
  • A new and improved Go driver

Release Date

We plan to release API version 4 on March 16th, with Mattermost server 3.7.

Backwards Compatibility

Mattermost servers will be backwards compatible with the current API version 3 for six months from the release of version 4.

For example, if version 4 releases on March 16th, API version 3 will not be supported after September 16th.

For existing integrations, we recommend you begin using API version 4 soon after its release.


API version 4 is an active and on-going project. We’re looking for contributors to code server endpoints, build drivers and write documentation.

If you’re interested in helping, please join our Mattermost community instance and the APIv4 channel.

We’ve prepared a contribution process for APIv4 and a progress tracker for new APIv4 enpoints to help you get started.

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